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Pablo Fernandez
Pablo Fernandez
Freelance concept artist and Illustrator.
Granada, Spain


Partial client list :

Concept Artist at SquareEnix. "Final Fantasy: Mevius".
Concept Artist at Disruptor Beam / HBO. Game : "Game of Thrones : Ascent".
Concept Artist /Freelance work) for "Shadow Era". Wulven Game Studios
Concept Artist at Mobage- Dena ltd. Game : "Urban Survivors".
Freelance concept art for Conflict Games LLC.
"Valkyrie" featured and Licensed by Sunmesa Events LLC. Magic the gathering Tournament.
Concept Artist at EverDream Soft. Game : "Moonga".
Concept Artist at Applibot, Inc. Game : "Legend of the Cryptids".
Concept Artist at Cryptozoik Entertaiment / SquareEnix. Game: "HEX: Shards of Fate".
Concept Artist at Drecom. Game: "Reign of dragons".
Concept Artist at Crooz. Game: "Deity Wars".
Concept Artist at Marrow Productions. Game: "Journey: Wrath of demons".
Concept Artist at Ateam Inc. Game: "Dark Summoner".
Concept Artist at Mugenup.
Featured in Exotique 7 by Ballistic Publishing.
Featured in Expose 10 by Ballistic Publishing.
Featured in the artbook "Legend of Monsters" by Applibot.


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